The Road to Roswell

The deck is certainly taking shape over the last few days.  Much less is left to the imagination.  You can almost picture a delicious Barkers Red Hot in the sunshine or under the lights.  Soon, you’ll be able to eat and gaze at the stars, but, for now, gaze at the progress on the Barkers Boardwalk.



Just when you thought The Road to Roswell was ending, we find that another part of it is just beginning.  Welcome the start of the Barkers Boardwalk.  Construction has begun on our deck and we can’t wait for it to be completed.  It will be a great place to enjoy your Red Hots and soak up some of the daytime sun or the cool evening breezes.  We’ll have the nighttime lights and all of our great Barkers tunes.  You might have to use your imagination to see the ocean, but we’ll do everything we can to get you there.  Take a look at the early stages of the deck and two of the great builders of the Boardwalk.  Most of us cannot resist sneaking a peek at something new as it is being built and these young eyes are no exception.



Our first weekend at Roswell Crossing was awesome.  There were loads of families and that means that our funhouse mirror got quite a first workout.  Catch a glimpse at some of the kids who got to see themselves in many different shapes and sizes.

Mary Caroline Nolan, in the green dress, both gives a hug to and gets a hug from her sister Ella as the mirror captures it all for them.


We’re not quite sure exactly what these guys were doing, but we could tell they we having a great time.  That’s Luke R. in the yellow shirt along with his buddy Jeffrey D. doing their thing.


Were it not for her pretty smile, Kiki Hale’s pose might frighten anyone.  Brother Charlie may be flinching a bit on the left, but brother Jack doesn’t seemed to be fazed by Kiki’s strong left arm one bit.


If you asked Ethan Waldroup about his trip to Barkers, he might say that his hot dog gave him big muscles.  Here he is striking a pose to find out just how strong a young dude he is.


Once you know that there will be a boardwalk in Roswell, then the thought of having a roller coaster in Roswell makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  If Barkers takes you to the boardwalk and gives you a day at the beach, it would not be complete without a roller coaster.  Whether it was The Cyclone at Coney Island,  The Comet at Crystal Beach or The Pippen (later to become The Thunderbolt) at Kenneywood, their dips and plunges were as much a part of the atmosphere as the shouts and screams of the riders.  Here’s the sight of the roller coaster on the Barkers Boardwalk.  Once you come to see us, you’ll be treated to not just the sight, but the sounds, of everyone’s favorite ride.


Who would have ever thought that there would be a boardwalk in Roswell?  At last look, there was not a lake or an ocean.  If there was a boardwalk with an amusement park on a beach in Roswell, surely we would have known.   It looks like there is now.  Cast your eyes on the Barkers boardwalk, complete with the sun shining through the windows on the left.   It is part of what will make Barkers Roswell like a day at the beach with the sounds, the music and the food (of course!!)  to take you away to the boardwalk.  Soon, we’ll be there.


One thing is a given:  If it’s Barkers, there will be a funhouse mirror.  One of the most popular parts of a visit to Barkers is a stop at a spot that can make you look tall or short, slim or stout or even look like you are two people at the same time.  It just depends on the exact spot where you are standing at any given moment.  Here’s a look at the mirror at Roswell Crossing in all of its glory.  As you look at it, it will look back at you–you just don’t know how.  It will be another fun moment on your trip to Barkers Roswell.


It’s one thing to have a picture of the Roswell Crossing sign.  It’s yet another to have a picture of the Barkers Red Hots sign that shows that we will be proud to be part of the shopping center very soon.   We’re getting close and can’t wait.


Back to pictures of Barkers Roswell as we move forward.  The last picture showed the hoods and nothing underneath them.  What a difference a week or so makes.  Take a look at how far things have come.  The grill is underneath the hood on the far right and the condiment area is next to the grill.  In the back, you’ll see the fry station on the right and the oven on the left.  Under the counter, of course, is the famous Barkers blue.  We’re excited about how everything is progressing.  There are a million details and we’re checking them off, one by one.   We’ll keep showing you our progress as we approach Opening Day in Roswell.


Let’s take a short break from pictures of Barkers Roswell to introduce you to one of the people of Barkers Roswell.  Meet Tony Fratoe who will be the General Manager of the new Barkers Red Hots at the Roswell Crossing Shopping Center.  Tony’s a native of Springfield, Virginia.  He worked for First Union Bank as a Training Specialist before performing a host of marketing duties with Sun Trust Bank.    We were lucky enough to grab him after he spent the last five years with Five Guys where his work was perfectly suited to helping Barkers launch its new location.  While at Five Guys, Tony managed four locations including the first franchised unit in Georgia.  He coached over eighty employees and set up community partnerships with over forty schools and youth leagues.  He knows all aspects of the business and can step up to the grill and prepare any item on our newly expanded Roswell menu.  Tony’s married to Geri and loves outdoor activities including hiking and biking.   He roots for the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Washington Redskins.  We’re happy to have Tony with us and can’t wait for you to meet him.


 How about some more color?  We’ve got it along with our hanging lights.  We went over all sorts of color schemes before we found the perfect combination of colors.  We love the hanging lights and not just from a practical sense.  They go perfectly with everything about the Barkers upbeat, boardwalk theme.  As great as the floor looks in the first picture,  it looks even better when you actually get to see it.  We’re getting in the fast lane on The Road to Roswell and can’t wait to take you along for the ride.


We added some color in the last post.  Now, we’ll add some color from a different perspective.  The previous pictures looked at Barkers Roswell from the front of the restaurant as you enter.  The photo below gives you a view from the area of the grill where we will be preparing your red hots over real lump charcoal.  As you can see, there’s lots of light flowing into the dining area.  There are so many details that go into making Barkers Roswell perfect.  We are committed to getting them all right and we find that we’ll probably open our new location in late May to make sure that we do.


It’s time to add a little color to the place, don’t you think?  As March turned into April, we’ve got a ceiling with Barkers Blue, in addition to fresh colors just below.  Things really begin to take shape with that first paint job.  It’s great to see the progress and we’ll keep bringing it to you right here.


 What a difference a few days make.  Here’s how things looked at the first part of the last week in March.  Two of the big differences are the construction of more walls and the placement of the hoods that allow us to cook your dogs inside over real lump charcoal.  The first picture shows the overall progress that has been made and then there is a shot of the newly installed hoods.  More to come very soon.


Here is Barkers Roswell a few days after the previous two pictures  that were posted the second week of March.  You can tell how quickly things are really starting to take shape.   Let’s give credit where credit is due.   Greet the gang that’s getting it done.  Say hello to, from left, Ben Cantrell, Roger Zizelman, Vincent Wright, Keith Patterson and Preston Pike.


In the last update, we told you that construction had begun.  We are now well on our way.  Progress is a great thing.  After so much planning, seeing an empty space take shape is exciting.  Here are two shots of where we stand during the second week of March.   Barkers Roswell will be your spot for great food and great fun.  (PS–We’ll be announcing some great new menu items very soon)


We’re happy to say that construction has started.  There is a lot to do before construction can begin in the area of acquiring a building permit.  We were set and ready to go before the ink was dry on the lease.  It takes time to go through all of the governmental procedures that are necessary to complete the process.  That process has been completed and we’re moving full steam ahead to build out our Roswell Crossing location.  We’ll be updating our progress right here.


We’ll be telling you what’s going on as we progress down The Road to Roswell.  But, for now, how about a few tidbits about what you’ll find at the end of the road?

First, a couple of non-food elements that we know you’ll like.  We’ll have Wi-Fi to add to your enjoyment as you relax and enjoy your meal with us.  You’ll notice that the word “meal” was used and not the word “lunch.”  The reason for that is a great one–we’ll have expanded hours that will cover lunch, dinner and full weekends.  You’ve asked for Wi-Fi and you’ve asked for more hours and that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re excited about our expanded menu, as well.  At the top of the list are the best burgers you’ve ever had.  We’ll have a full array after school snacks for the little ones who get picked up after  school as well as for the high schoolers looking for a quick bit of energy for the rest of their day.   We’ll give you the scoop on other menu items in the weeks to come.  But speaking of scoop–how do shakes, floats and smoothies sound?  We’ll keep you posted every step of the way.


 We’re  thrilled and delighted to be adding a second Barkers location in April, 2011.    We’ll be serving all of your favorites, and so much, more, at the Roswell Crossing Shopping Center.  It’s at the corner of Crossville Road and King Road in the plaza with Trader Joe’s and a Pike Nursery.  We’re  within walking distance of Roswell High School and a short distance from Blessed Trinity Catholic High School.  We’ve been planning this second location for months and now it’s finally going to become a reality.  There will be an expanded menu.    The grill will be humming nights and weekends.   It will be a great gathering places for kids of all ages, with after school specials for students.   This page on our blog is dedicated to all things connected with The Road to Roswell.  You can look here, as the days go on, for sneak peeks at our new menu items.   We’ll have all of the news and notes as our new restaurant takes shape.  We’ll tell you our plans for making this a spectacular experience for the entire family.  Not only will we tell you, we will show you.  We’ll have pictures that trace our progress from start to finish.  With that in mind, let’ s start off with two pictures.  The first picture is the site as it looks now.  The second is a picture of how Barkers might look on opening day.  Our thanks to a great Barkers friend, Rick Roeder, for capturing the spirit of Barkers Roswell in the second picture.   We’re ready to go and we want you to come with us from now until the doors open and beyond.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bob Barnwell
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 16:05:35

    When is the big day?

    Can’t wait!


  2. barkersredhots
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 16:41:00

    Hi Bob—Thanks for your interest–we can’t wait, either. We’re getting close but don’t have a precise date to announce yet. We want to make sure everything is the way it should be when we swing the doors open. We’ll keep you posted here, on our website and on Facebook.


  3. PaulM
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 16:41:03

    No more need for the lunch posse to drive 20 miles from Alpharetta We are looking forward to it!


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