Barkers Buddies Bring Better Brilliant Burgers (Don’t Even Try Saying This Three Times Fast)

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It may or may not be a tongue twister, but Barkers new Charcoal Grilled Burger is more than a taste pleaser.  We’re introducing a top quality burger charcoal grilled over the same lump charcoal that has made our Red Hots famous for almost three decades.  Get yourself a quarter pound of excellence that will make you forget all the others.  We’ve been planning this for a long time and now it’s here.  Add some cheese, of course, or turn it into a deluxe edition with lettuce and tomato.  It’s big.  It’s juicy.  It’s totally full of flavor.  You know the Barkers way– you want it, just ask for it.  We’ve done dogs right and now you can add our Charcoal Grilled Burger to the list.

barkers burgers


We’ve Made It Even Easier to Stay In Touch

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At Barkers, we love to talk to our great customers as they pass through the line enjoying the sight of their own individual Red Hot being grilled to perfection.  As much as we would love to chat up a storm with you every day, we know that’s not quite possible.  We’ve got Facebook and Twitter as great ways to hear from you and let you know what’s going on.  We’ve got good old email, too.  Who would think that the age of Facebook and Twitter would make email seem like the Pony Express?  We use our email to send out news and notes as well as money-saving promotions.  Now we have an even easier way for you to get yourself on our email list.  All you have to do is text TOPDOG to 22828 (message and date rates may apply).  A simple text is yet another way to open yourself up to the world of fun and savings from your Barkers Buddies.  Give it a shot.


An Update On The Saga Of Felony Franks

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We’ve been following Felony Franks for a long time.  It is the Chicago sausage emporium that is staffed by ex-cons.  As you might imagine, one of its popular offerings is the Misdemeanor Wiener.  Certain politicians in Chicago were none too thrilled by the notion of a business being staffed by former offenders.  Owner Jim Andrews thought it was certainly worth the effort but finally folded his tent.  The politicos gave him a hard time along the way even putting up hurdles to the sign for the restaurant.  Andrews tried to open in suburban Evanston, but was meeting resistance there.  But all hope is not lost.  The Felony Franks name has been licensed to a food truck in Los Angeles.  According to reports, there are plans for a March 1st opening and three ex-offenders have already been hired for the new operation.  Who is going to open this new Felony Franks venture?  Why a man named Dennis Justice, of course.

felony franks 2013

It’s Strawberry Shortcake Time

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At Barkers, we listen to our fantastic customers.  In increasing numbers lately, you’ve asked us to bring back our Fresh Strawberry Shortcake.  Now that the season for strawberries is here, your wish is our command.  We take your order and prepare your favorite dessert fresh for the asking.  After a great Barkers Red Hot and one of our sides, save room for some Fresh Strawberry Shortcake.


When A Hot Dog Interrupts A Hockey Game

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A few days ago, Tyler Seguin of the Boston Bruins was skating in on New Jersey Devils goalie Johan Hedberg in a shootout after the two teams remained tied after regulation play and overtime. As Seguin skated in, out of nowhere, came a hot dog thrown from somewhere.  It slid across the goalie’s path.  It was not clear whether the skating sausage actually impeded Hedberg’s vision as the puck went into the net.  The refs thought that it could have interfered with the goalie stopping the puck, so they gave Seguin a rare second chance.   Just like the first time, he put it past the goalie.  Here’s the video.  Take a  closer look at the referee removing the devilish dog.

seguin hot dog

The Latest Edition of “Kind Words Never Get Old”

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We always appreciate it when anyone says something nice about us.  We work hard at giving you the best food, the best service and the best atmosphere.  Recently, 11Alive had an article on its website “Where are the best hotdogs in Metro Atlanta?”  We were among the few that they deemed worthy of a mention.  Recognition like that is always a thrill and to the good folks at 11Alive, we can only shout a big THANK YOU!!.  For a look at the “best” words, just click here.


Bette Taylor Wanted, Or Needed, A Beef On Weck For Birthday #71

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Bette Taylor is a Buffalo native and what she really wanted for her birthday meal was a Barkers Beef on Weck. A week after her 71st birthday, we fulfilled her wish (As an aside, Bette had no problem at all with us telling you her age.  We like Bette’s spirit, that’s for sure!).  She came in with the family, settled in a corner table and enjoyed the birthday festivities.  We love it when our customers like to share their special moments at Barkers.  Take a look at Bette and her crew—granddaughter Heather, her husband Ashton and their son Daniel are on the left side of the picture with Bette’s daughter Dawn and Heather and Ashton’s other son, Matthew completing the family portrait.  Congrats to Bette and we hope to see you for #72.


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